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Bay Club’s Winter Golf Center Provides Members Indoor Practice Facility during New England Winters

Tuesday, 23. February 2021 14:53

The Winter Golf Center at the Bay Club is a bright spot during those long, cold months in the off season that the membership looks forward to each year.  It provides golfers who stay in the area during the winter a place to practice and stay on top of their game – even when there’s snow on the ground. 

When the course closes in December, our Golf Cart Barn is converted into the Winter Golf Center with amenities including simulator and three additional hitting bays, putting green, and a basketball hoop for those looking for an additional workout.

The Foresight Sports GCQuad launch monitor and simulator allows a user to play a full golf round.  It also provides ball speed as well as tracks club head data.  Additionally, a player can compete in national and local competitions…virtually!

Bay Club Head Golf Professional, Ben Egan notes that practicing indoors allows golfers to focus on the dynamics and techniques, rather than the outcome of their shot.  Another benefit is helping to keep the focus on the process, not the immediate results.

The Winter Golf Center is open daily, and due to capacity limitations currently in place, members are reserving their time in advance.  Ben is available for pointers, lessons and fittings for members looking for additional training.


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What’s New at the Bay Club Winter Golf Center and Pointers on Maximizing the Center’s Use

Thursday, 15. February 2018 9:27


Now in its 7th year, the Bay Club’s Winter Golf Center is better than ever.  Following the closing of the golf course each year in December, the Golf Cart Barn is transformed into a Winter Golf Center; perfect for members looking to work on their golf game during the off-season.  The Center is complete with hitting bays, putting green, launch monitor and simulator.

The Center’s newest addition of Foresight Golf’s GCQuad provides multiple ways members can practice their swing indoors.  The system challenges golfers of all abilities with golf courses, a practice range, contests, and last but not least, ZOMBIE hunting. The GCQuad also takes our staff’s club fitting ability to the next level, allowing for the most professional fitting technology the Club has ever utilized.

How can members utilize the Winter Golf Center to its fullest potential? Bay Club Head Golf Professional, Ben Egan notes that one of his favorite benefits of practicing indoors is that distance doesn’t play a factor in your training, making it easier to focus on fundamentals and mechanics. If you don’t have a pre-shot routine, it’s a great time to make one. Ben suggests using the time indoors to focus on set up, posture and ball position. Members can also expect weekly tips, occasional drills and a suggested warm-up routine.  Ben notes, “we warm up for every other sport we play and golf should be no different – and hitting balls at the range doesn’t count!”

The Winter Golf Center is open daily for members and Ben is available throughout the winter to assist with club fittings, private lessons and additional tips.

View a video tour of the Bay Club Winter Golf Center:




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