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2021 Monarch Season

Wednesday, 20. October 2021 11:58

The monarch teams have just wrapped up a fascinating season – raising, tagging and releasing 196 monarch butterflies – 137 females and 59 males (and “no”, we have no idea why such a discrepancy between males and females – more to research! )

The monarch season in Mattapoisett started out unusually strong.  By early July, Bay Club members were remarking on the many monarchs on the course and in gardens. Our collecting and tagging teams, which hadn’t expected to be needed until August, hastily assembled, locations were picked for our three screened in enclosures and the procedures of raising the butterflies began.  And then we realized our mistake.  The butterflies we were raising were part of the generation that precedes the migrators. These were their parents.  And we learned that there is a significant difference between the two generations.  The earlier monarchs, which are slightly smaller, mate, lay eggs and die within 6 weeks.  The later ones suppress the urge to mate for 6 months(!) seek forage to build up strength for their journey, familiarize themselves with the GPS located in their two antennae and, if all goes well, do not die until after their flight to Mexico and back to Texas, some 6 months later.

But it turned out that our mistake was fortuitous. Most of our team members had had no previous experience with monarchs, let alone with feeding and tagging, so raising this early generation was just the experience we needed to prepare us for the work to come. The article Making the Bay Club into a Butterfly Waystation posted in August 2020 details the specifics of the raising experience, so we won’t repeat that information here.  But we will acknowledge two valuable byproducts of the three and a half months of concentrated effort – first, the educational benefits available to Bay Club members (and their visitors) and second, the friendships that resulted from working together to raise the butterflies.

Because of their locations, the three enclosures received a host of visitors.  Tennis and Croquet players passed by a cage every day.  Golfers finished nine holes at the Halfway Cafe cage and anyone on foot or in a golf cart on Bay Club Drive was bound to run into a team member tending to the caterpillars near Hole 17.  In their golf sessions, Pee Wee campers begged John and Ben for golf cart visits to the enclosures, where they took turns reading out loud from the Monarch Butterfly signs and trying to spot caterpillars and chrysalides on the milkweed foliage.  And some interested individuals made daily visits to look for changes.  The following was written by a young girl who lives near the 17th Hole enclosure. 

All that is left for the 2021 monarch teams is to send Monarch Watch the specifics of each of the 196 releases – the tag number, the date and location of release, and the gender of the butterfly.  Monarch Watch, a University of Kansas organization which collects monarch data from all the states East of the Rockies, maintains an arrangement with Mexicans living near the migrators’ destination – the Oxymel Fir trees in the mountains of Central Mexico.  For each tagged butterfly found in Mexico, the finder, usually a Mexican native, receives $5.  The payment provides the local villagers incentive to search for tagged monarchs and discourages the natives from lumbering the forest which is crucial to the future of the butterflies. 

In late winter 2022 Monarch Watch will post and continuously update a list of all the tagged butterflies that have been recovered.   Considering the odds against a tiny butterfly completing this journey of over 2,000 miles, it is quite a thrill to discover one’s number on that list.  Last year a Bay Club butterfly released on September 6 was discovered in El Rosario, Mexico.  Will any of ours make it again this year – who knows?

The Bay Club wants to thank everyone who participated in the 2021 Monarch Project as well as all Bay Club members for their enthusiasm and interest.


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Winter Specials at the Golf House Restaurant

Friday, 20. February 2015 10:22

CassouletThis month on the Golf House Dinner Menu members will find two of Executive Chef Jim Mercer’s favorite winter cravings.  The first item is the French White Bean and Meat Casserole, Cassoulet. There are many versions of the recipe, however Chef Mercer leans towards the one from Toulouse.  This variety features Tarbais Beans, Duck Confit and Garlic Pork Sausage.  Cassoulet is not a difficult dish, especially if you spread out the preparations over a few days. You will however need to know how to make Duck Confit, a skill Chef Mercer says  you will not regret.  This method yields a most delicious, at the ready duck meat for a fast appetizer or pasta filling.  Having enjoyed Cassoulet with a glass of red wine at Hamersley’s Bistro in Boston some 25 years ago,  Chef Mercer quickly learned how to prepare this dish and it has been a part of his winter menu repertoire ever since.

Another item he can’t go without during the cold winter months is Raclette Cheese from Switzerland. This extremely pungent and tasty, cow’s milk cheese is likely considered the original fondu.  All one needs to do is to hold the cut side of a wheel of cheese in front of a fire and “rake” it off onto bread or boiled potatoes.  The popular Raclette machine is the Swiss counter part to the American toaster.

Both of these dishes are fine and satisfying items during the chilly winter months.  Bon appétit!


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The Burdenko Method

Wednesday, 8. January 2014 17:20

Fitness Director Dave Maloney has recently added certification  in “The Burdenko Method” to his resume.  This practical application of water and land exercises is based on a holistic approach to rehabilitation, conditioning, and training.  Water is a great healer and the ideal medium for rehabilitation, conditioning and training.  The hydrostatic (passive) and hydrodynamic (active) properties of water provide an optimal environment for safe and effective therapy and conditioning.  With little or no weight bearing in the water, the injured or de-conditioned client is able to return to desired activities quickly and safely.  Dave’s first hand success with “The Burdenko Method” after suffering a sprained knee inspired him to add this specialty to his list of credentials.  “After the first hour in the deep water, I was amazed at how significantly the swelling and range of motion improved” Dave recounted.

Many professional and Olympic athletes are now making “The Burdenko Method” part of their regular training programs, although it is for everyone.  If you are dealing with a nagging injury or just want some great exercises that are easy on your joints, Dave suggests you give this program a try.

The Burdenko Method will be offered on a private and semi-private basis.  Land based exercise programs have been added to the Bay Club’s Fitness Class schedule for the winter.  In addition, water based programs will be offered when the junior Olympic-size swimming pool opens in the summer.


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Bay Club at Mattapoisett Triathlon & Kids Run

Tuesday, 20. July 2010 15:41

Bay Club Mattapoisett TriathlonThe Fourth Annual Bay Club at Mattapoisett Sprint Triathlon and Kid’s Run takes place on Saturday, July 31 on the grounds of the Bay Club. Hosted by Dave Maloney, Fitness Director, the day begins with the Kid’s Run, open to children aged 6 to 11, where the participants swim two laps of the Junior Olympic sized swimming pool, bike one mile and finish with a half mile run. Following this race is the Sprint Triathlon open to those 12 and older. In this event, participants swim 16 laps of the pool (1/4 mile), bike for 9.6 miles and end with a 3 mile run. Both events include many individual competitors; however teams are also encouraged to join in with members sharing the various legs of the race.

This event has become an annual tradition at the Bay Club with many members training in advance to win the title of Champion! Regardless of their final place or time all participants are cheered along the way by the members of the Bay Club community.

The Bay Club at Mattapoisett is a country club with an eighteen hole championship level golf course and residential property located in Southeastern MA.   To arrange a private tour please contact Dave Andrews via e-mail or phone, 508-758-9543.



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Bay Club earns its 7th Audubon Society Silver Certification

Wednesday, 23. June 2010 21:37

Bay Club at Mattapoisett Silver certification from the National Audubon Society

The Bay Club at Mattapoisett was featured in the June 2010 issue of Cape Cod Magazine on their commitment to “Green Life” and their continuous recognition from the National Audubon Society.

The Bay Club at Mattapoisett was ‘going green’ long before the term became a constant in the national energy conversation. When construction began in 2003 on the nearly 700 acre private club featuring a championship golf course, restaurant, fitness center, swimming pool, tennis courts, and lots for 175 homes, the club’s owners were already following guidelines established by the National Audubon Society to insure the least possible impact on the environment.

Including the managed landscape of the golf course, 93 percent of the acreage was preserved and remains green. We followed the guidelines 100 percent, says Jon O’Connor, Bay Club Golf Course Superintendent.

>Follow the link to read the entire article: Bay Club Mattapoisett Audubon Society Silver Certification in Cape Cod Life Magazine 2010.

The Bay Club at Mattapoisett is a country club with an eighteen hole championship level golf course and residential property located in Southeastern MA.  To arrange a private tour please contact Dave Andrews via e-mail or phone, 508-758-9543.


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Golf Course Home Dream 18

Friday, 30. April 2010 21:18

The Bay Club at Mattapoisett is proud to have been selected by Golf Course Home as a part of their Dream 18.  The GolfCourseHome® Dream 18 is a fantasy golf course created from the best golf holes from the more than 325 golf courses featured on GolfCourseHome.net, representing more than 5,800 golf holes in the U.S. , Canada , Mexico and the Caribbean .

The Bay Club at Mattapoisett’s signature hole, number 17, will be featured as part of the Dream 18, and is in the company of such notable courses as Reynolds Plantation, Tehama, and The Cliffs at Keowee.

Hole 17 is the Bay Club at Mattapoisett’s longest most demanding par 4 on the course, playing 487 yards from the tips typically into the prevailing wind.  The hole swings slightly from right to left requiring a long tee ball to set up the approach. The 2nd shot is plenty challenging as well, as the hole slopes downhill with a large green side bunker catching any short or left shots. A par here puts you in limited company.

Currently there is one house beautifully positioned behind the 17th green, while another magnificent house sits in the distance serving as the aiming point for your tee ball. There are two lots still available to the left of the green on a nice cul de sac along the hole, and one additional lot behind the green.

David Lott, publisher of The GolfCourseHome® Dream 18 visited the club last year, arriving in Mattapoisett Harbor by boat.  The chronicle of his journey from the Vineyard to the Club was a feature story on his blog this past summer.

The Bay Club at Mattapoisett is a country club with an eighteen hole championship level golf course and residential property located in Southeastern MA.  To arrange a private tour please contact Dave Andrews via e-mail or phone, 508-758-9543.


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Bay Club Pub Menu

Friday, 13. November 2009 17:51

bistro imageBack by popular demand, the Golf House restaurant at the Bay Club will resume its weekly prix fixe specials on the Pub Menu over the late fall and winter months.

Our Pub Menu will be featured on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  As always, Chef Mercer selects the best of the season and his menus are continuously updated; however some options on the prix fixe menu may include Sausage and Ratatouille Pot Pie, Chicken and Dumplings, Pot Roast of Beef, Baked Stuffed Sole, Lamb Tagine and various seasonal stews.  Perfect comforting foods to be enjoyed in the cozy restaurant alongside friends and family. These weekly specials will be served with a salad and dessert and are priced in the $16 – 19 range.


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Julia Child Dinner

Tuesday, 27. October 2009 11:31

Jim & KristenThe Bay Club at Mattapoisett Executive Chef Jim Mercer & Sous Chef Kristin Costa recently paid homage to one of their culinary hero’s, Julia Child, in a special dinner party they hosted recently at the Club.

The new hit movie Julie & Julia was the impetus for Kristin to approach Chef Mercer with the idea for a Julia Child themed dinner.  Chef Mercer had the amazing fortune of meeting Julia on two separate occasions, first as her student, then again at a private dinner party.  Collective sigh, oh so fabulous!  Julia has a je ne sais quoi about her that resonates with your basic foodies through to the most culinary accomplished.

While watching the film the years Julia spent as a young newlywed in France, developing her craft, falling in love with the country and of course food, resonated most strongly with Chef Mercer.  Is it any wonder his favorite Julia cookbook is her first, How to Master the Art of French Cooking!  As for many women, Kristin is grateful to Julia for paving the way for women in the kitchen.

The menu almost seemed obvious to Chef Mercer, the stand out dishes that are quintessential Julia, Beef Bourguignon, Clafoutis, and her Lamb Marinade (a universal Chef favorite).  The piece de resistance for the dinner guests at the Bay Club, Chef served Chocolate Mousse for dessert.   Kristen was unwavering with regards to following the recipes.

For the members of the Bay Club, who all adore Jim, an opportunity to spend an evening enjoying our favorite Chef as he and his colleagues celebrated all things Julia was truly a special treat.

Jim Mercer has been the Executive Chef at the Bay Club Mattapoisett for the past five years.  His eclectic background leads to exciting menus and memorable meals. Jim’s food philosophy is grounded in the slow foods or “localvoire” movement, meaning foods of the immediate area sourced from not too far from our local or regional area. His flavor inspirations come from a variety of experience and training. “Start with the local Culinary heritage and add in flavors or techniques from Europe, occasionally adding in spice combinations of India or Morocco and fitting in bold flavors from the important cuisines of the orient.”

Jim was owner and head chef at the widely praised Mex in Boston’s South End, and served as the opening Executive Chef at the acclaimed Gusto Trattoria in Boston’s Roslindale neighborhood. He has also been head chef with such well-known organizations as Boston’s East Meets West Catering Company, Page Carter Catering and a Sous Chef for The Catered Affair, one of New England’s premier caterers.  Jim holds a BA from Johnson and Wales University.


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