Golf Fitness Exercise by Dave Maloney

Bay Club of Mattapoisett Director of Fitness, Dave Maloney, works with members on their golf and fitness conditioning to improve their overall strength and lower their golf scores.  Certified by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Dave offers this exercise to develop core stability and strength.

1. Set the functional trainer arm to be level with your chest height while sitting on a stability ball.

2. Lift one leg off the ground and rotate as far as possible across your body.

3. Perform 2 sets of 15 repetitions with your left leg elevated and repeat with your right leg elevated.

4. You just want enough weight, so that you feel your core is needed to stabilize you on the ball.

Dave Maloney One Leg Stability Golf Fitness ExerciseDave Maloney One Leg Stability Golf Fitness Exercise
The Bay Club is a golf and country club community with 625 acres of wooded and gently rolling terrain, that includes 200 acres of open space and 175 home-sites in Mattapoisett along the SouthCoast of Massachusetts. To arrange a private tour please contact Dave Andrews via e-mail or phone, 508-758-9543.


Date: Thursday, 14. October 2010 18:26
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