Fall Fitness at the Bay Club


Summer’s almost over, however that does not mean the members at the Bay Club will be giving up on the gym!   The fitness gurus at the Bay Club plan to keep members in tiptop shape this Fall with new classes aimed at helping them keep fit year-round.

Fitness Director Dave Maloney will help members learn to utilize their Fitbit, Garmin or other fitness tracking devices to their full potential.   Dave will use heart rate training techniques and teach how to burn the maximum number of calories each day.

In addition, Fitness Associate Matt Beatty will lead new classes this fall with all fitness levels in mind.  His High Intensity Interval Training class will focus on cardio and muscle toning utilizing fast power movements such as jump squats, mountain climbers, pushups and more.

Matt will also conduct a less intense Fitness FUNdamentals class of both aerobic and anaerobic exercises for burning maximum calories.  Members will be put through a whole body workout, focusing on muscle endurance and strength.  Matt’s goal is to get members of all fitness levels involved with the Bay Club’s state of the art training facility.

Both Dave and Matt are also busy with personal training sessions as well.   Whether members are starting their fitness journey, looking to torch calories, or trying figure out how to get their fitness tracker to work in their favor, members have many reasons to stop by the Fitness Center this fall.


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Date: Wednesday, 7. September 2016 13:33
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