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Strength Training for Junior Golfers

Peter Uihlein Sinks 18ft putt Walker Cup 2009Bay Club Mattapoisett Fitness Director Dave Maloney explains that getting stronger, specific to golf, may be the key to gaining the edge for the junior level golfer.

“We are noticing a dramatic change in the caliber of junior golfers, especially with the potential of college scholarships as a reward. Junior golfers are getting fitter and stronger, as a result they are hitting it as long as the PGA and LPGA players. This is a combination of personal coaching on swing mechanics and gaining strength,” Maloney explains.

Junior golfers like Peter Uihlein, Ty Tryon, Michelle Wie and the Songsters are a perfect examples of what junior golfers are capable of, given the right training. The difference between junior golfers and adults is typically strength – not flexibility. “I’ve worked with hundreds of junior golfers and within a very short period of time, with the proper strength training, their drives increased as much as 50 yards, ” Dave reports.

It is Maloney’s opinion that the age to begin a strength training workout for juniors is best begun at around twelve years old. It is strongly recommended that a professional oversee the program at the earlier stages to set the routine and establish goals. The purpose of the exercises are to compliment the golf swing from a dynamic and a stability standpoint.

If you would like to get your junior golfer on a golf specific fitness program please call Bay Club Fitness Director Dave Maloney at 508-207-9251.

Date: Monday, 9. November 2009 18:14
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