Healthy Back Clinic with Dave Maloney

Back Care Lecture
Back Care Lecture Saturday, January 23

Dave Maloney, Fitness Director for the Bay Club at Mattapoisett is hosting a lecture which will focus on Back Care at the Sports and Activities Center on Saturday.  Low fat muffins, coffee, and juice will be available for you to enjoy while you learn more about your back and golf fitness tips that will help you stay healthy and improve your flexibility.

The discussion will cover the following:

  • Common Back Disorders
  • Back Anatomy
  • Treatment Choices
  • How exercise and flexibility can relieve your pain

Simple back exercise

The Cat and Dog or also know as the Cat and Cow stretch is an excellent stretching movement for individuals with back pain.

1) Start on your hands and your knee’s. Make sure hands are under shoulders and knee’s under hips.

2) Cat: Arch your back up as high as you can, while lowering your head and neck. (hold for a few seconds)

3) Dog/Cow: Now try to increase the curve in your lower back, while lifting your head and neck. (hold for a few seconds)

4) Repeat each movement 8 to 15 times for 2 sets.

The Bay Club at Mattapoisett is a country club with an eighteen hole championship level golf course and residential property located in Southeastern MA.   To arrange a private tour please contact Dave Andrews via email or phone, 508-758-9543


Date: Friday, 22. January 2010 19:05
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