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Golf Fitness Tips by Dave Maloney

swayThere are 12 major swing “faults” or characteristics that can show up in your golf swing.  A common swing fault is “sway”, which occurs during the backswing, when the player’s hips slide past the outside of their back foot. This will result in a number of inconsistencies, as well as a loss of power. This exercise, by Bay Club Mattapoisett Fitness Director, Dave Maloney, will help correct this swing fault and is also beneficial to skiers and tennis players.

dave lateral plank

Lie on your side with just your forearm and outside of your bottom foot touching the ground.

Hold this position for 2 sets of 10-30 seconds.

For a more advanced version, get in the same position and lift your top leg for 2 sets of 15 repetitions.

This exercise will strengthen your abductors and your core.

Date: Friday, 13. November 2009 17:23
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