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Bay Club Mattapoisett Golf Course Improvements

Proposed changes to Hole #10 at Bay Club

In keeping with the Golf Course Operations Committee Charter with regards to the course, “to develop and maintain a Continuous Improvement Plan“, a number of off-season golf course projects are currently underway.  Included on the 2009/2010 projects list: the continued reduction of our formal turfgrass footprint, drainage improvements and collar reduction, and the re-design of hole #10.

Construction has already begun on hole #10, a beautiful hole that runs along the Bay Club Pond and recently mentioned as one of GolfCourseHome’s Great Water Holes.   First, the fairway and rough will be moved 25-30 yards to the left from what currently exists and then a total of three bunkers will be eliminated allowing golfers to challenge the left side.

These changes will modify the strategies players employ when approaching the tee box.  First, an option will still exist for players to play safer out to the right, but a ball played too far right could find fescue that will border the rough along the entire right side.  Your approach will be slightly more difficult as the water could come into to play if you are short or left.  Also, with the green running away from you, stopping the ball close to a front or left pin will add a putting challenge.  The hole will effectively play shorter but will require some strategy; do you “go for it” or lay back and have a longer shot into the green, your call.

There are several areas that have been identified for fescue conversion.  Those browned out areas around tee boxes, edges of the rough, and on the tops of bunkers will not only add further definition to our holes, but also significantly reduce our bluegrass acreage.

Drainage work will be completed on holes #3, #6 and #17.  Holes #3 and #17, long par 4’s, were designed to be firm in the approach area, allowing a player to run their ball onto the green. Once completed, the drainage work will provide a firmer landing area and ultimately allow the holes to play as they were intended.

In the past few months the Bay Club has been gradually reducing our collar widths and subsequently enlarging the greens.  This process will reduce green turf wear, offer more challenging pin placements and make your chip shot just off the green slightly more delicate.

As always the Bay Club is committed to the continuous improvement of the golf course.  These modifications will continue to challenge your game and either increase your frustration or add to the thrill of your round!

Bay Club Mattapoisett Hole 10

Date: Friday, 6. November 2009 1:51
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