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Bay Club at Mattapoisett Aeration of Golf Course

Although seldom considered, the golf course in and of itself is any country clubs largest asset.  The balance of art and science that is required to achieve and maintain a championship level of play at The Bay Club at Mattapoisett is the responsibility of Course Superintendent Jon O’Connor.   The club aerates a minimum of twice each year, which is necessary for strong grass rooting, smooth healthy greens and overall course performance.  Regardless of geography, soil type dictates the aeration process; however for a course located in the Northeast, minutes away from the ocean, specific considerations are taken by O’Connor to ensure a successful evolution of the course’s maturation process.

The course conditions were especially complimented this past September when the Bay Club at Mattapoisett was host to the MGA Senior Four Ball tournament.  The lightning fast greens were the topic of much positive response from players and MGA officials.  Consistent attention to details by O’Connor and the regular aeration program contribute towards the goal of a championship level golf course.

Jon O’Connor holds a BS in Turfgrass Management from the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at Michigan State University, he has worked as a course superintendent in the Midwest and on the East Coast for over twenty years.

Question: You inadvertently move your ball while clearing a plug that has been produced through the aeration process, do you receive a penalty stroke under Rule 18-2b?

Answer: Under USGA Rule 23-1, a player incurs no penalty if a ball on the putting green moves while he/she is in the process of removing a loose impediment.  Rule 23-1 overrides Rule 18-2b in this case.

Date: Wednesday, 28. October 2009 1:22
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    […] has worked as a course superintendent in the Midwest and on the East Coast for over twenty years. Click here to read more about Jon’s work at the […]