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Post from September, 2016

Fall at the Bay Club

Tuesday, 27. September 2016 11:56

fall-foliage-06-golf-course-004qqqThere isn’t much that can be said about fall in New England that hasn’t already been said.  It’s a beautiful time of year, both with the weather and picturesque landscapes.  The humidity that is known to rear its head in the summer is almost non-existent.  The cool nights lend themselves to brisk mornings that lead into warmth during the day.  It’s generally not as dry, so the grass that has been burnt to a crisp in the heat and drought becomes green again.  And of course, the popular fall foliage that people love to flock to emerges.

While much of the hustle and bustle of the summer months winds down after Labor Day, the Club certainly does not shut down.  There are still many activities on our calendar for members to enjoy through the end of the year.


With the cooler temperatures, fall may just be the best season for tennis.  Clinics and Drop-ins still are popular this time of year, and even though the days get shorter, the lights on the courts make it possible to play in the evenings.  And of course, Paddle begins again and goes through the winter.



Fall is a great time for golf despite the shortening of days.  Scenic foliage along the perimeter of the course, comfortable weather, less crowds…the list goes on.  Just be sure to layer up on those cool mornings!



Cultural Activities and Special Events

Cultural Activities and Special Events at the Club tend to be more abundant after the busy summer season.  The Canasta group continues throughout the year, meeting at the Golf House each week.  Lectures given by members and visitors are more frequent and Book Club returns from October through May.


The Fitness team at the Bay Club is here year round to help keep members in shape throughout the fall and winter months.  New group classes are available as well as personal training sessions. Our fitness staff is always eager and willing to help any gym newcomers get started.

There is something for all members to enjoy this beautiful time of year at the Bay Club!

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Dinner in Unusual Places – A Bay Club Favorite!

Wednesday, 14. September 2016 14:33


Possibly one of the Bay Club members’ most favorite dining events is Dinner in Unusual Places.  These dinners take place at area locations featuring a mysterious menu both unknown to the members.  Those who sign up for the event put their trust in the hands of Executive Chef Jim Mercer who will choose an ideal location and exquisite menu.  On the day of the event, members are given the location details for the evening’s  dinner.  Previous locations have included Eva’s Garden in South Dartmouth, Portugalia Marketplace in Fall River and Crush Wine Store in New Bedford to name a few.

The most recent Dinner in Unusual Places took place at the Buzzards Bay Brewery located on Horseneck Road in Westport.  The meal included items such as local Striped Bass, Mussel Pesto with fresh Pasta and Lamb Sausage.  The entire menu was paired with a variety of beer brewed right at the location.  Participants were also treated to live music and a picturesque sunset on a beautiful summer evening.

Buzzards Bay Brewery provides a  laid back and enjoyable atmosphere for even a non-beer drinker, it is definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area.  Many bring lawn chairs or blankets to relax in the “Brewers Garden” and enjoy a game or two of Cornhole.  To read more about Buzzards Bay Brewery, visit their website by clicking here.


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Fall Fitness at the Bay Club

Wednesday, 7. September 2016 13:33


Summer’s almost over, however that does not mean the members at the Bay Club will be giving up on the gym!   The fitness gurus at the Bay Club plan to keep members in tiptop shape this Fall with new classes aimed at helping them keep fit year-round.

Fitness Director Dave Maloney will help members learn to utilize their Fitbit, Garmin or other fitness tracking devices to their full potential.   Dave will use heart rate training techniques and teach how to burn the maximum number of calories each day.

In addition, Fitness Associate Matt Beatty will lead new classes this fall with all fitness levels in mind.  His High Intensity Interval Training class will focus on cardio and muscle toning utilizing fast power movements such as jump squats, mountain climbers, pushups and more.

Matt will also conduct a less intense Fitness FUNdamentals class of both aerobic and anaerobic exercises for burning maximum calories.  Members will be put through a whole body workout, focusing on muscle endurance and strength.  Matt’s goal is to get members of all fitness levels involved with the Bay Club’s state of the art training facility.

Both Dave and Matt are also busy with personal training sessions as well.   Whether members are starting their fitness journey, looking to torch calories, or trying figure out how to get their fitness tracker to work in their favor, members have many reasons to stop by the Fitness Center this fall.


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